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Metropolis Redux DVD Art

Giorgio Moroder's METROPOLIS
Restored For DVD
At Last!

Keep reading to discover I restored Giorgio Moroder's 1984 version of Metropolis and digitally remastered it for DVD.


Hi Metropolis Fan,

I'm Gilchrist and I've produced what I truly believe to be the best version of Giorgio Moroder's Metropolis you will find anywhere. Of course, I would say that as I'm behind this version!

My Metropolis adventure started I first saw Giorgio Moroder's version of Metropolis in the 1980s on TV and, despite the low image and audio quality, I loved it! It's arguably the first classic Science Fiction movie made and Giorgio made great efforts to re-introduce it to the public. You probably have fond memories of the movie yourself.

Or you might just want to forget the 80s altogether - your call!

Restored original 1984 Metropolis trailer

The problem many people have with these VHS and laserdisc versions of Metropolis is that they really look like the film was made in 1927. It is grainy, has high contrast and jiggly images with little detail.

To be fair, Giorgio did the best restoration he could with the original footage and techniques available. But if we're honest here, the quality just doesn't cut it by today's standards. I mean, just look at the stills below...

Original Quality of Moroder's Metropolis Film

Stills from Giorgio Moroder's original 1984 version of Metropolis

Even the DVDs of Moroder's Metropolis you can buy on the internet (via the internet on eBay, etc) were still copies from VHS or laserdisc and added nothing to the quality. It was better than nothing I thought and like other people, bought what I could find.

You may now shed a single tear. Sadly, it was a film which had seen better days.

Until Now, That Is

I saw a restoration of the 'original' version of Metropolis in 2002 and was blown away by the restoration quality available today. There were things I saw in their version that I've never seen before - the detail was just incredible. If you've seen this version at the movies, you'll know what I am talking about.

Quality of Moroder's Metropolis Redux Film

Stills from Moroder's Metropolis Redux DVD - Compare with above

I have a sweet spot for the Moroder version and really wanted to see it with high quality restored footage. It was very hard to go back to the muddy, blurry versions I had. So I waited and wondered 'Would they ever release Moroder's version on DVD?'

Nope. Still waiting.

After almost a decade, no studio version of Moroder's Metropolis is available on DVD (and never will be as far as I can tell). And even if there was, it would still be roughly the same quality as seen on VHS and laserdisc - that's all they have to work with. There's no way they would be crazy enough to re-edit the whole movie for a DVD release!

I Spent 2 Years Restoring Metropolis - I Must Be Crazy

Yes ... I decided, if no one else was going to do it , I'd just have to do it for myself. So I spent the next 2 years restoring and re-editing the Moroder version of Metropolis using the latest, best quality visuals & audio available. This is virtually an all original reconstruction. I'm a perfectionist, so I didn't stop until I could make Metropolis Redux as good as it could possibly be. I have no life.

Still to compare Quality Still to compare Quality

Side by side comparisons - Original (bottom left) vs. Metropolis Redux (top right)

This has been an all-digital restoration, straight to DVD and the difference in quality is astounding. Never-before seen details are now visible as plain as day. There's more in each frame too, with extra detail around the edges. All Giorgio's colour tinting has been vibrantly re-applied. The special effects have been digitally re-built, along with clean, new subtitles and inter-titles.

I also spent a lot of time digitally restoring the soundtrack. Background noise, hiss and a few other problems have been removed to make sure that the audio quality matches the visual quality.

Quite Simply, I now honestly believe...

This Is The Best Version Of Moroder's Metropolis You'll Ever Find On DVD

Of course it's one thing for me to think that - I did the work - but I've had great feedback on the quality of Metropolis Redux from the other fans I showed it to. Like these guys:


Whew....ok. Seriously Gil, you brought me to tears of joy this evening. My wife watched the film as well and was impressed and really got into the visuals. The sound is nothing short of perfection. As an audiophile I could find nothing wrong throughout the film. The bass thumped where it was supposed to thump and the stereo separation is just magical. It really brings out the little things that sets the 80's apart from most other decades." - Stephen A

"I just had to watch the video .... three times now. You have done a wonderful job here. The visuals are stunning and the soundtrack was very clean and impactful. Once more, thanks." - Tim F

"This is a note of thanks ... i am watching the most awsome film of all time!. It is taking me back to a better time. Thank You Very Much!!!!!" - Pamela A

"I am very impressed, a very proffessional job. The cover and disc are great too." - Eric M

"Wow! what a job you have done on bringing the works of Fritz Lang (and Giorgio Moroder) back to life." - Paul and Heather A

"Well - thanks so much! I watched it last night.  Amazing! Stuff I'd never seen before, the quality of the picture and the soundtrack - all undeniably awesome. It is almost like a new and totally contemporary movie. And some of it is more powerful - the fight scene in front of the evil Maria is really creepy and in that wonderful dress she is wearing.  So - congratulations and thanks for your great effort.  I feel like the movie has resurrected for another generation." - Arthur S

"I really enjoyed the movie. The audio is amazing - perfectly balanced and clean. The imagery is tight. You did an excellent job - I'm going to line up my friends and make them all watch this as soon as possible. I have to tell you, I've seen your film 3 times in the last 24 hours; it's really good - you should be proud of the work."- Jim T

I created professional artwork for the DVD & case inserts that would match the style and quality of the movie. There were also extras unavailable anywhere else that I created just for the DVD (but more on these later).

Here's What I Put in My DVD Package

Exclusive Bonus Content

Along with the actually movie itself, I created some special bonus material that is unavailable anywhere else.

Freddie Mercury is one of the singers who wrote & performed a song on the Metropolis soundtrack. His track "Love Kills" had a music video which used clips from Giorgio's Metropolis. You can guess what the video quality of that was. Yup - not good.

Love Kills Music Video - Compare the
original (left) with the restored version (right)

As the hard restoration work had all ready been done, you can now see Freddie's Music video using the wonderfully clean and colourful new footage. His music video has never looked this good before!

Play the low quality comparison video on the right. It's been lined up with the original next to the restored version. The sync & alignment is a little bit out in some places but you can easily see the huge difference yourself in this low quality version.

The single release of "Love Kills" had a b-side by Giorgio Moroder himself, called "Rotwang's Party" (used in the film). This track has been cleaned up and included on the DVD too, with a complete slideshow music video. This music has absolutely never been available like this before.

Finally, there's an Editor's commentary where I give some background information and interesting facts behind Fritz Lang's, Giorgio's and the Metropolis Redux versions. As we all know, this is the sort of thing that you will watch roughly once, so there's no wasted space on the DVD with an extra audio narration track. The commentary is available as subtitles which pop up as the movie is played.

So there it is - we're out of space. That was all it was possible to fit on the DVD!

"I just wanted to thank you for the my new Metropolis.  You've done a wonderful job restoring it and I'm so glad to finally own this much beloved version of this classic.  It looks and sounds better than I've ever seen it. =) Thank you!" - Matt I

I have watched several times. Very, very enjoyable. - Chris E

It looks great. GOOD JOB!!! I'm concidering this the official release." - Charles M

My wife & I watched it Sunday night and absolutely loved it (she was not really into it before but that was with the old squigly VHS). I am just so pleased and again I thank you." - Jesse M

Absolutely great job - my ratty-old vhs tape (and player) can finally be retired..." - Jim

"I watch the film with my sister (other Moroder's Metropolis Fan) and we are impresive with the final result. Very good! Thanks for it!" - Aitor V

Enough Gil, How The Heck Do I See This DVD?

It's been all good news so far but now there's a fly in the ointment. Metropolis is still under copyright in the EU and will be until 2025 (or something like that).

Metropolis is in the public domain in some countries but international copyright law and its application is a real mess for the layman (and even lawyers, apparently).

If you're in a location where the film is currently under copyright, it's unlikely you can see it. Sorry about that. However, you may have friends who live in country where Metropolis isn't still in copyright.

I've had heavy handed comminications from the German copyright holders and I'm not out to annoy anyone.

It's sad but it seems like Kino, Murnau Stiftung and other associated parties aren't interested in releasing Giorgio's version of the film on DVD, but are very interested in stopping anyone else from doing so.

Maybe they just don't like Giorgio's version? I know 80s music isn't everyone's thing!

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Hey, thanks for taking the time to read my Metropolis adventure.

I'll see you at Yoshiwara's!

Gil's sig

Gilchrist Anderson 2010

P.S. Please do email me at if you have any questions.

Note: My clips on YouTube have been removed after a complaint from the US distributor Kino. Basically I have to take legal action to 'prove' that Metropolis is in the public domain to get them restored. I'm no lawyer, so that's not really going to happen. Sad really. It seems like they really do want to bury Giorgio Moroder's Version of Metropolis.

Please do email me at and let me know your thoughts on Moroder's edit of Metropolis getting buried.

Legal disclaimer:
This page should be considered a work of fiction. Events and characters, etc refered to here should not be taken as in any way as factual.